Record of tinkering pussy

Execution of the promise to grope her pussy for the first time

I haven't heard anything from the owner... When you open the door, you will suddenly be touched... A chime rings... When I went out to the front door, a customer that my husband had brought before... "You promised to let me touch your pussy anytime"... Saying that, she puts her finger in this hole But it's a promise like a lunatic when a penis is put in.

It's true that the promise was made in the presence of the master, but... It's just a joke when you're at your peak Even so, a promise is a promise and forcibly... You know what makes me feel good... While being messed around in the narrow corridor... I said, "You can fuck me." After that, I was put in in various ways until my husband came back... "Because I was told to fuck my pussy"... I will be treated like that


First Multiple Cuckold Trip

          I was forced to be cuckolded by various people, but... On a bus trip... And it's almost sold out... I don't know who's who because I've only had a pussy for two days... After that, the person who shouldn't have sex came to my house without permission later saying that time... and get fucked。

"On the bus at that time" became like a password and my husband didn't say anything... All of a sudden, customers started coming. This is what the bus system was like... I found out later. So I don't know when someone will come and get me.

first time pussy twisting


When I went to a remote island during summer vacation, I was stripped from the bottom half of my body by someone who looked like a delinquent. She is laid on her back, her ass lifted and her pussy shoved... Twisted her body and buttocks and thrust in...

I couldn't put my penis in even when I was playing pro wrestling... The people here got hooked right away. It didn't hurt that much because his uncle had poked him with his fingers a lot. He was rubbed and kissed... I thought this was rape.

First professional wrestling play・・・ 

          When I went to the next summer vacation, I was made to play professional wrestling. It's just the lower half of the body being knocked down.

When I went to the countryside to visit a relative's big farm. Her uncle took her to the playroom and played wrestling there. Thinking about it now, she was made into a toy.

I was crotch-ripped... Being hit with a fist in the stomach... Aiming at the nipple and being poked... The crotch crack is rubbed... It was done while thinking it was disgusting. For some reason she was excited. It was painful to be hit in the stomach with her fist, but it felt good. I was embarrassed to have her fingers spread my crack. But my pussy omannko felt good.

Second Pro Wrestling Pretend・・・

          When I went to the next summer vacation, I was made to play professional wrestling. It's just the lower half of the body being knocked down.

I rubbed the crack over there with my finger... Spreading out... A finger was put in the hole and it was stimulated