This is a record of Minako Takahashi, who has just
gotten married.
It's a hidden camera footage of when she was alone
with her husband's friend.

Dies ist eine Aufnahme von Minako Takahashi,
die gerade erst geheiratet hat.
Es handelt sich um eine versteckte Kameraaufnahme,
als sie allein mit dem Freund ihres Mannes war.
Il s'agit d'un enregistrement de Minako Takahashi,
qui vient de se marier.
C'est une sequence video prise avec une camera cachee
lorsqu'elle etait seule avec l'ami de son mari.

 Minako was easily persuaded by a friend to have sex.
She's opening her crotch hole, "omanko,"
as the Japanese call it.
She's hugging loudly as she screams
"put your dick in my womb".
She was on her stomach and had
a dick in her, sticking her ass out and feeling madly
She is a naturally lewd woman.

Location: Hotel OZ in Maruyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
It happened two days after Minako's wedding.

A woman with a pussy that gets stabbed by a dick
In Japanese it is called
``gusagusa omannko sukebeonna''.

First, her pussy was tampered with in a lascivious fashion and she was put on her back.
You can hear the pleasant voice of Minako who is pistoned with her throbbing and reaches acme.
Even though she was made to feel orgasm,
I could still see Minako's pleasant face as her pussy was stabbed from the side with a penis.

And she, she turns into a prone pussy.
She lays on her stomach and lifts her buttocks up and thrusts her buttocks into her master's friend named
Her pussy piston continues 200 times in a row and Minako feels acme again.
The state of Minako who is in a hurry to receive a phone call from her husband there.

Still a lewd woman swinging her butt slowly This is probably the reason why it is called "MINAKO OMANKO ONNA".

Minako pestering her to put her pussy in

It seems that the stamp piston is deeply done to the back of the uterus